Say hello to Glama, the bag that extends to hold so much more…

3 Feb

Long2shop was set up to design and produce desirable yet functional products at affordable prices. The desire for a really stylish Glamorous bag that would not only look smart, but actually be smart, and work for all you stylish shoppers led to the design of Glama.

All because, life being what it is you never where your day will take you, so when you need those last-minute groceries, or an impromptu retail therapy session (you know how it is !)  you need a bag that will go that extra mile for you.

Glama does just that because you can reveal that hidden x factor, undo the central zip and extend the bag to hold even more.You won’t have to take, or even buy more carrier bags, and it’s ok if you’ve forgotten your bag for life because the extra space is always with you, hidden away beneath the zip.

If you are interested or want to know more email me 




GLAMA  a real multifunctional and Glamorous bag that works as hard as you.


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